Let not this lesson be in vain.

Despite this downfall there is wisdom to gain...

Knowledge is supreme over all, it does reign.

Hardship and pain the countless times to endure.

Confusion sets in we become unsure...

With yourself be honest, try to be pure.

Remember, prevent is better than cure.

Trust in The Power greater than gold

frankencense and myrrh.

Have faith, never having to reassure.

Deep within a loving soul.

There is a strength that takes control.

Keeping a righteous spirit on the roll...

Always knowing, aware of lifes toll.

A powerful control, to alter what lies ahead...

Lest, wisdom is to be bred.

The loving soul within thee.

One of laughter, joy and glee.

Freedom to choose fate or destiny.

Able to breed a true person within ye.

To stand tall and fight for right.

To feel small yet your days still bright.

Ripe in all shapes and forms.

Marching through this life of storms.

Having clout, admitting down falls.

Motivational, working out of these stalls.

To feel certain of oneself.

To be of great wealth.

There Are Many Choices in Life Let Us Make The Right Ones...

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